Website Design Brief
This is the best way for us to get to know you, your brand, and the things you want us to do for your website.
Personal Information

Your Name *

Your Email Address *

Your Phone Number *

Your Business Name *

Website URL (if existing) *

Goals & Objectives

Please describe what you see as the purpose of a new / redesigned website.

What do you hope to achieve with a new / redesigned site?

What do you think would happen if you did nothing about a website?

Will you be doing online sales?

Your Company

Please describe your company / project / self:

What is unique about what you do / offer?  What makes you different from your competitors?

Have you researched your competition?

What is your one year plan?  Five year plan?

What is your slogan / mission statement?

Do you have a logo / brand identity?

Your Customers

Who are your clients / customers?

Be specific about target demographics.
Are your customers local, national, or global?

What problem do you solve for them?

How do you expect your customers to find you?

Ads, Google, Referrals, etc.
What does a client experience with your company, from first touchpoint to final contact post-sale?

Walk me through the process as if I wanted to purchase from you and have just made contact.
The Build

What is your budget? *

What do you anticipate of our work?  What do you expect us to deliver?

Who is involved in the build of this website?

When using Google, what key words or phrases do you expect to find your work?

If you have a current website, do you have Google Analytics installed and running?

If so, we will require access to the account.
What will you do to keep the site interesting for return customer visits?

Will you provide the content for the website?

We can do this for you.
What style(s) do you prefer for your website?

Please list five (5) websites whose designs you like, their URLs, and what draws you to them. *

Please list three adjectives that describe the feel you desire for your site.

What do you NOT want in a website?

Are there any other services we offer that you would like to take advantage of?

Thank you!

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